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Heaven’s Open Please Enter
Did you know you that as a believer in Christ, you have an invitation to access the Heavenly Realms right now. Jesus opened a way for us, as symbolised by the veil to the Holy of Holies being torn. Come up here

Courtrooms of Heaven
“The courts of Heaven is a real place where Believers have access to by way of prayer and petition, through intercession by the Holy Spirit who intercedes for the Believer. God governs His court system in Heaven as the sovereign judge. He hears our circumstances and answers us according to His governmental system.” Kurt Landry
What Exactly is the ‘Courts of Heaven’ All About?
Revealing the Mystery of Heaven’s Legal System
Declaring the Covenant in the Courts of Heaven
Operating in the Courts of Heaven– Robert Henderson

Heavenly Realms, Mountains & Thrones

Seven Mountains
Everlasting Doors
Mountain of God

Reconciliation of All Things ( The Three Harvests)


Healing – Daniel Peacock – 16 February 2020:

Healing – Daniel Peacock

Authority – Anne Newbolt 23 February 2020:

Authority – Anne Newbolt