Kingdom Prosperity

From Wanda’s pen: 3 February 2019 Due to the major impact this subject have on each of us, I thought to summarise what our teaching today at our home-church/group was:  Prosperity; the difference between Kingdom Prosperity and fleshly-world prosperity. The word “prosper” does not translate to material possessions. In some instances in Hebrew the word … Continue reading Kingdom Prosperity

Ian Clayton’s Conference be like ‘Smash ‘em, Bro!’

From Wanda’s pen: On 11-13 October seven members of our Hub attended the annual Ian Clayton conference in Hastings, New Zealand.  This is kind of significant.  Why?  Because it is literally life changing. Who is Ian Clayton? Ian is a front runner in “teaching and equipping believers to enable them to access the realms of … Continue reading Ian Clayton’s Conference be like ‘Smash ‘em, Bro!’

HOPE Hubs visit Living Waters Waihi

On 16 September 2018 HOPE Hubs visited Living Waters Waihi during their Sunday morning meeting. We worshipped the King of kings together after which Wanda Wright shared an inspiring word. From Wanda’s pen: What a privilege to share the living Word on any given day and even more-so in such a beautiful setting surrounded by … Continue reading HOPE Hubs visit Living Waters Waihi