We believe in communities being empowered to help, support and grow others in the community.

Our Story

Our story started back in 2017 when we formed HOPE Hubs. We discovered we share the same vision and part of that vision is to help people where we can. We envisage developing HOPE Village that would home those fleeing abuse, those who may fall through the cracks at WINZ e.g. Missionaries returning from the fields and that are in need of respite, families relocating to New Zealand and don’t have family or friends that can accommodate them. We believe this vision will grow and change as circumstances change.

The Vision

The vision is to establish a virtual HOPE Village across multiple locations supporting community needs as depicted above:

Safe Houses

Safe homes to support victims of trauma, abuse or violence with short term needs.
Support wellbeing with additional services (budget/domestic/holistic).

Immigrant Families

Accommodation support for immigrants in need.
Assistance with next steps for settling into NZ (emotional, spiritual and financial).

Respite for Missionaries

Accommodation and peaceful rest for those who have returned from their mission fields.

Emergency Accommodation

Short term accommodation assistance for those in financial hardship

Other Accommodation Needs

Provision of ad hoc accommodation needs, like for conference guest speakers and attendees.



We are looking at ways to raise funds to bring this vision to life.

HOPE Water is a brand new initiative and we hope you would not only love the water we provide, but also love the idea that we are working towards making others’ lives a bit more tolerable with your contributions.

Courageous Creations Ltd is also committed in making a difference in the lives of those who can’t get government funding/assistance or are falling through the grid.

If you want to partner with us towards building this Village of HOPE, you can donate into this account: 38-9020-0605278-00.