We have exciting news to share with you… the past weeks have seen our Hub undergo a couple of changes.

On Tuesday the 17th of December 2019 during the last Bench meeting for the year, the Bench felt that the previous ‘cell group-style’ of meeting of the Hub is not suitable anymore.  We had already ceased meetings at our last meeting place (at the Shed) and believe that Father has moved us to a more “formal”-type of meeting and meeting place; which will be announced in the new year.

It was also recommended that we change to HOPE Ministries and that the ministry will replace the previous overarching Courageous Creations Limited company.

We took this proposal up at our Director’s Meeting on Wednesday 18 December 2019 and considered this item as part of the Agenda.  This proposal was accepted unanimously by all 7 Directors.

What would this mean for HOPE Hubs?

This means that HOPE Hubs will transition into HOPE Ministries who will become the parent of our vision of HOPE Village and integrate all the other visions/projects/mountains we have, including HOPE Conferences; our annual conference with Cheryl Davies and Etienne Blom (currently named “Participating with Creation”).

Future Plans:

Now that we are officially called HOPE Ministries Limited, we are undertaking steps to become a Charitable Company.  Being a ‘non-for-profit’ fits our profile, vision and mission much better.  This also means that we will be able to supply tax credit certificates to those who so generously support our ministry and vision by donating to us.

Be on the lookout for our “new-look” website and for all the exciting things we are planning. This includes a website selling arts and crafts, Christian apparel and even some customised essential oil-blends.Shalom to all our friends and family!  See you in 2020.

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