Participating with Creation Conference 2019

From Wanda’s Pen:

Today 7 days ago, we opened our first ever HOPE Hubs NZ conference.  We held it in the Hamilton New Life Church (703 Wairere Drive, Hamilton) and we kicked off at 10am on Friday 14 June.

In true Maaori custom, Ps Sonny Poutapu did us the honour of opening up with a “Mihi” which is a greeting in both languages; it speaks of the land, the history thereof and an honouring our ancestry and relationships.

Conf Mayor

The Mayor of Hamilton, Mr Andrew King shared with us a summary of how he became Mayor, the journey through the elections in 2016 and those significant moments by key people who supported him in faith.  He spoke about his own faith, his own journey with God and how he and Anne walks with the Lord.  The word that stood out for me was a prophetic word that “Hamilton will be God’s city”.  Based on this word, Cheryl called for trading into the Mayor’s vision and for what God wants to do in Hamilton and in its surrounding towns.

This is exactly what this conference is about:  how we, as Sons of God, get to participate with creation to bring all of creation back to its ‘first estate’; its original state that brings honour and glory to Yahweh; restoring to perfection what sin destroyed and tainted.

Conf Band

Time for worship.  Was it ever! Leon & Rowan Kelly from Arc Tribe took the stage and delivered worship that was literally ‘out of this world’; they opened up heaven and its realms and delivered an experience that can truly not be done justice by when trying to explain it in English. Little did we know that this will just increase and reach an astounding climax the next morning…

Cheryl Davies took the microphone and delivered a message based on the vision she Lord gave her the night before:  “The train is coming at 3.11” (the complete message is available on USB, just click here).

After lunch, our Hub’s own Andrew Bullians delivered a presentation on “The Overcomers Role”.

From here we had a Q&A session with Etienne and Cheryl as the ‘tag-team’.  This was very informative.

Conference Cheryl and Etienne

After dinner Etienne brought a message on what it means to Participate with Creation; what is our responsibility, how do we get there and what it means to ‘co-create’ and be a ‘co-heir’.  Activations followed.

To order the complete conference USB with video and audio mp3, just click here.

After a short explanation on what this new form of worship requires from us on Saturday, we entered into a WHOLE NEW LEVEL of worship.  Later on Cheryl explained that the Spirit of the Fear of the Lord entered the meeting; this was on top of an already full-on spiritually-charged atmosphere.  It was craaaayyyyzeeeee…!

Conf 2019 a


Conf 2019 b

2020 Conference Headsup

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