Conference Update – Pay now and beat the queues

Hallo everyone, it’s conference week  !!!!
We would like to give you a brief update on the conference arrangements and some details on facilities in the area.

Food facilities:

The Hamilton New Life Church is situated within walking distance from the Wayward Pigeon, a sushi shop and a Bakehouse Cafe.  We will provide morning tea and afternoon tea in the form of fruit and healthy packed snacks. If you require more than this, please bring your own.

Register and PAY NOW !!!

We would like to advise that we now have Paypal/VISA/Mastercard facilities available on our website, so if you wish to beat the queues on the day or don’t fancy bothering to get cash, PLEASE PAY HERE.  It is very similar to online banking 😊.

Session times:

These are “Holy Spirit pending”.

Runsheet for Web

These are NOT set in stone…just saying 😊

Love Offerings/Trading:

We will have facilities to change notes for cash should you wish to trade during the conference. If you’ve been to an Ian Clayton conference, you will know what this means.  Unfortunately we will NOT be able to give cash for eftpos, so please come prepared with enough notes to change for coins or smaller notes.

EPIC Promo Video:

We thought this might be a good opportunity to send you a link to the promo video we have compiled for this conference. Enjoy this epic adventure for the next 2 minutes and 37 seconds…please feel free to share this video…

Screen Shot 2019-05-31 at 5.23.09 PM

Link for sharing:

We look forward to seeing  you soon…

HH Logo Gold on white

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