SUPERHEROES in 2019 – where are they?

Ready to face a new year with the same (or worse) challenges than last year? Ready to look for something new or even consider rethinking something old?  What if your life can look dramatically different in a short period of time than it does today?  Sounds too good to be true?  What if superheroes can be real?  In fact, what if there’s a “triple pack”-option? And this one can definitely upsize.

I have always loved the cartoons; I grew up with the original Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck and Pluto.  I loved Tom and Jerry and enjoyed the Coyote in his quest to kill the Road Runner…  I remember when the original Superman first made its debut and how we marvelled at this man; this “super man”.

Recently I enjoyed watching the Marvel movies like Avengers, Iron Man and even the Netflix ones like Jessica Jones, Luke Cage etc.  I have to confess, I really loved when the ‘baddies’ got their comeuppens. Especially when they hurt other humans and in our own righteousness thought “you deserved that!” There is something captivating about the people who can do superhuman things and who “protects humanity”.

Another version of the Avengers was released last year and in the movie  I heard Ben Affleck (a.k.a. Batman) say about Henry Cavill’s character in Justice League (a.k.a. Superman) “The world needs Superman”.  In my mind I was crying out “No, they need A SUPER MAN…”  What’s the difference?

Well, let’s have a look at what characteristics we expect from a superhero:

  1. He needs to be there when he is needed. Always.
  2. He needs to be able to help in all circumstances. All of them.
  3. He needs to have superhuman strength and superhuman abilities such as:
  • X-ray vision
  • Changes shape (like X-men, Black Panther etc.)
  • Being able to fly
  • Be very fast
  • Be able to breathe in outer space
  • Knows things others don’t
  • Hears things others don’t
  • Feels things others don’t
  • Be able to fight ‘fair’ and when you fight, win. Always
  • Do things others can’t (speak other languages, create things, conjure things up or break them down; just be supernatural in general!)
  • Do anything and everything to help the person/infant/animal or being in distress or need
  • Will even lay down his/her life to protect you

So to be realistic, we don’t have those type of people handy at the drop of a hat do we?  Unless you know a real-life Hulk, Superman or even the newest fad a vampire or werewolf at hand then you’re probably going to be a bit disappointed if that’s what you’re looking for in daily life.

What if I were to tell you that there is a REAL LIFE SUPERHERO that is only too eager for you to step into a real relationship with Him? He even LOVES you.

What if I tell you that He has ticked all those points above and can even add to that?  He has saved the human race from certain death, He is an amazing Person; He even has a great sense of humour… 

And by dying for you, He enabled you to have a REAL NATURALLY SUPERNATURAL life in Him?

Jesus, my SUPER MAN, my SAVIOUR and Superhero! (The triple-pack!)

Why is Jesus my superhero?

  1. He gave His life for me so that I can live to give Him honour and glory
  2. He saved me from myself when I was hell-bent to destroy myself after my dad had died and my marriage broke up
  3. He changed my cold, hard heart and made it so it breaks for what breaks His
  4. He released me into a life of hope filled with love and peace when I didn’t even know what that felt like anymore
  5. He has shown facets of Himself to me through dreams/prophetic visions and worked through me to bring healing to many people
  6. When I read the Bible I learn more of His character and that of Yahweh and it supernaturally changes my mind-sets, my thoughts and in return my words and my actions. It has totally reshaped me into a ‘better version of myself’. This is an ongoing thing, by the way!
  7. I’ve seen those whom He touches, change. I’ve seen how the Holy Spirit moves someone to do supernatural acts (something they wouldn’t usually do or is out of character for them)
  8. He gave me the husband of dreams; one that loves me, understands me, supports me and joins me in ministry. I’ve watched him change in his heart, his mind and his ways too.  In some ways a total metamorphosis!
  9. I usually get what I pray for when it’s in line with His Word and His plans for my life
  10. He gave me His identity; one with plans and purposes to prosper me and those He puts around me
  11. The more I learn of Him the less I feel I actually know…
  12. Revelation truth of the Word is limitless
  13. He loves me. He really love me.  He loves you.  Oh how He loves you…
  14. He is multi-faceted, multi-dimensional and totally impossible to know in totality… I mean, how do we explain the person of Yeshua and the four faces of Yahweh to someone without sounding crazy…? And that right there is a great point for knowing a Superhero!!

My Superhero did not only save my life and gave me an eternal one in return; He heals me, restores me and sets me up for a better life now and won’t stop until what is written on my life’s blueprint has been achieved.

If you’re interested in a peaceful life full of excitement, much better than any movie can ever depict; more meaningful and more naturally supernatural than your wildest dreams for yourself, then get in touch or join one of our meetings; it will be my privilege to introduce my Superhero to you.

May your 2019 be naturally SUPERNATURAL, like mine 🙂

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