The 12 Plumb-lines of Ascending

A few of us have started engaging the Lord by stepping through the veil and entering the heavenlies through Jesus as the Gate (John 10:9 “I am the Gate”).

We all had various encounters at different times; whether it be in the River of Life (Revelation 22:1) or the various gardens in heaven.

It begged the question: is this safe? Were we really there?  How do we know?

Well, peace is always a good umpire (Col 3:15).  But what else?

Our team was well pleased when Ian Clayton taught on this subject at his Two Pillars Conference in October this year.  We learnt a lot and find it helpful and therefore thought to share it here. The 12 “plumb-lines” for ascending are:

Righteousness, Joy, Peace in the Holy Spirit LION
The Way, The Truth, The Life
– Function of breath to create/bring life
– To bring them to their first estate
– Gives authority
Justice, Judgement, Holiness
– The Foundation of Yahweh’s Throne
In Him I live, I move & I have my being MAN

Hints & Tips:
The purpose of Ascending is to REPOSITION you. Not to give you a nice experience or something to do.
“Come unto Me!” is an invitation to learn how to connect, engage and go up to the heavenly realms to be with Him.

Your heart should be saying “That I may know the height, depth and breadth of my calling in Christ and that we may be like Him.”
If you do ANYTHING that doesn’t have all of these 12 in it, then DON’T DO IT.
Practice the engaging and ascending in private. It might take months and years before doing it in public.

The golden key:  if you don’t see Christ do it, then don’t do it!

One thought on “The 12 Plumb-lines of Ascending

  1. When we walk through the veil we leave all of the fleshly world’s dust behind and we experience his peace, his love and pureness. In a way that we can never possibly explain in any fleshly way.

    Very good information



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