HOPE Hubs visit Living Waters Waihi

On 16 September 2018 HOPE Hubs visited Living Waters Waihi during their Sunday morning meeting. We worshipped the King of kings together after which Wanda Wright shared an inspiring word.

From Wanda’s pen:

What a privilege to share the living Word on any given day and even more-so in such a beautiful setting surrounded by people who are hungry to grow in God and see the manifestation of the Sons of Yahweh.

Forgiveness (or rather un-forgiveness) is such a difficult subject due to variety and depth of pain & hurt that may have been caused but yet so very important to hear from the Father-heart-perspective.

Forgiving someone and letting go of bitterness has been scientifically and medically proven to assist in healing.  Medical practitioners now actively support “forgiveness therapy”.

Yahweh knows the benefits and power of forgiveness and that’s why He speaks about it in His Word and advises us to guard our hearts.

By using the Heavenly Court –key we demonstrated the release when we took un-forgiveness and offense to the Courts where we destroyed all the paperwork and received a verdict from the Righteous Judge.

We then engaged the Kingdom and introduced Forgiveness to everybody.

Bondages were broken, hearts were healed, release was felt and all in all Yeshua gets all the glory!

A big thank you to Alison, David and their team for hosting us and also a shout out to my husband, David, Alan & Lizette, Elizabeth and Gaewyn who came to support me on this special day.  Thanks for those who covered us in prayer.


We stayed for a shared lunch and bbq and got to know each other a little better. How awesome it was to hear the enthusiasm for Yahweh alive and growing in Waihi.

It was great to support Living Waters in this way and they are keen to visit a HOPE Hub meeting.

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